hello, summertime. you’re here!

Just a snapshot of the last ten days:

Went up the mountain lots of times, mostly in the red and yellow truck, with Alfredo, the man who shakes my hand every time I see him and says, “cinco mas cinco, pa’ tener diez.”

Eaten a ton of chicken. Mostly fried. Finally figured out how to turn the oven on, and Tanika and I have been reveling in baked chicken.

Watching Cristian grow has been crazy. He’s so big now, and he’s only a month old!

The sups came, and we made a conversation stop/slow/go traffic light, to communicate about when they get it, when they need think time, and when its confusing.

Tanika and I may have been the ones to eat the whole jar of Nutella, ok? We couldn’t stop, even if we wanted to. It was impossible to stop.

Led a stop motion workshop that sort of worked, and remembered how hard it is to teach tech. Worked with youth, dreamt about youth, hit the ground hard when it became a reality.

Picked up a new host agency, ADM, and epxlained AMIGOS. Opened new communities with them. Love them.

Had long chats with Donahi in the truck up the mountain. Donahi is the regional director of Plan. We now both agree we need to visit communities more often, we both learned things about what our staff teams do in communities from these visits, and we Donahi has officially declared herself my mentor, which is how she justifies calling me “hija” and “mi nina” all the time.

Vols arrived, on all kinds of flights. Sups made copies, hundreds of them. I made copies. We all made copies. And then we had to fix the mistakes the people actually making the copies at the copy shop made, which were many.

Tanika and I laughed and wondered and solved problems. Decided who should reach out to which sup, how to handle that issue brought up by this vol, when to tell so and so what, and on and on.

The vols made us laugh- for instance, one, in discussing whether he would want a Latin America partner, had this to say, after being asked “So, how would you feel about being in a partnership with only a Nicaraguan or Dominican vol?” And he says, wise teen that he is… “Well, that would be another part of life.” Love.

And then boom, they were in communities. We’ve had a few things come up, mostly just host moms calling to check in, host brothers letting us know they are playing ferverent games of soccer. We’ve sent the sups on their first week of route, and we’re ready to see these vols and youth counterparts just shake the mountains of Boaco through and through with their excitement and energy and hope and love and wonderfulness!


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