48 Hour Video and Art Challenge

Wow, time flies. Every day is something different!

We’ve been having a ton of fun. I was so inspired by the 48 hour video and art challenge! It was just so cool to see everyone train for 2 days, get really excited about making art about social issues, and then return to communities. Driving through communities last Friday was crazy. Big community meetings, youth in the streets organizing, everyone talking about the prizes, everyone really excited. The short time period for people to really pull together I think has been really special and energizing. I get sometimes a little crazy when this happens, and I look like a loca, like in this picture, where I’m leading a vol/youth counterpart AMIGOS Boaco “community meeting.”

They did really great projects. The first two days, they learned to edit video and to make songs about social issues and to use lighting to their advantage. This part was done in staff house, which was a bit crazy, but I love having all these vols and youth at my fingertips, with buzzing energy and ideas and questions. I thrive on it! I also love when staff house becomes a DIY media making and learning place. I love when we borrow the projector from the mayor and project editing software on the yellow wall above the summer calender, with its brightly colored design. I love when there’s so many people in a room it gets really sweaty and youth pour water on each other and laugh in excitement at the silly movies they are practicing on. I love it when the youth storyboarding on the front porch can’t hear each other, because the neighbor is blasting music and I have to go ask them to turn it down. I love it when there are small groups in each room talking about social issues, and when youth bring up things that are really important to them, and when they take that chance to share what really matters to them. I love it when they get tired and I go out front and they are laying with eachother’s heads on each others’ bellies, youth counterparts and vols, in a big laughing chain. I love it when sups decide to go buy guajada because they need a snack, and I love it when the vols and sups express love for guajada, though I will never understand it. I love it, simply. I love it when I go buy drinks for sups, and pieces of chocolate, and I give it to them while they are facilitating. I love it when I buy out the energy drinks and tell everyone that’s why I’m so crazy when we sing A Boom Chicka Boom, even though the truth is I just love singing with them so much I can barely contain myself. I love it when sups smile because the youth get it. I love it when we all get frustrated with tech issues, and then boom!, we fix it. It makes me so excited to get them all together. So, that part looked like this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, imagine my deligh when, 48 hours later, they ALL came together, in El Pastoral, and sat on the floor, and watched each others’ presentations. Some of the presentations I really liked were the video from Acedades, about a teenage girl who gets pregnant, the video from Las Palomas, for its cinematography, and Las Limas’ for the way they made the video about an issue they were solving, and ended it with the entire community coming together. And of course, Cerro’s because its an all-girl group! And Asiento’s, about the water project, and …. oh, just love. I loved the mural Junquio made of trash (truly, a stunner, gigantic, amazing, incredible), and the play from El Coyol about a family with a lesbian daughter and a disabled son, and their learning to accept them, and the song that Chilamate wrote, and so much, much more. There were prizes- $100 prizes to CBI projects, a internet USB, headphones, a printer, a giant basket (three tiers high) of art supplies…. My APD almost throttled me when she saw the receipts, but good prizes = motivation = good!

So, I have so much more to write, but this part looked like this, and I’ll write more later…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, more to come!

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1 Response to 48 Hour Video and Art Challenge

  1. Jennifer Keenen says:

    Fantastic!!! Congratulations to all.

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