Experimental Video and Butterflies

I am so completely and totally inspired right now. After a hairy morning, I arrived an hour and fifteen minutes late to Mercedes del Rancho. I met up there with two sups, a bunch of vols from 3 communities, and the youth they work with. There were probably twenty five youth, when vols and counterparts were accounted for, there.

First of all, the youth from Rancho practically jumped for joy when I contributed to their fundraising by buying 15 cosas del horno (bread things, directly translated= things of the over) for cuadruple the amount they were selling them for. I gave them 50 cordoba (about 2.50 USD) for 15 cosas del horno, and they were thrilled. They’ve already raised $240 from selling the cosas del horno, at 1-2-3 cordobas per cosa. So, 50 cordobas made a huge dent!

Then we all sat down and started talking about what they did for the 48 hour challenge. I think its really important for youth to be able to talk about why they make the media they make, so we practiced that. In small groups, they worked through some detailed questions about it, and presented! Generally, awesome.

Then they picked 5 minutes of their day yesterday. And we practiced storyboarding the details. I gave them strips of paper with yellow boxes on them, and they storyboarded just those five minutes, with lots of attention to detail- the results included cow udders, shoes tapping, bandaids falling off, clothing floating away in the river, rain pouring from the sky onto lamina roofs.

Then, my favorite part. We watched Maya Deren and Agnes Varda films! Just a few short clips, but it was AWESOME to share these films I love so much with these youth I love so much! And the reactions- just awesome! We talked about what an experiment is, and what experimental could mean, and why someone would even make an experimental video? I was like jumping out of my skin with excitement.

And then the fun part- they re-storyboarded the five minutes a la experimental. And then games. And now they are out making the experimental videos, in camera edits only, no editing allowed, and we’ll string them together! So generally awesome! So inspired! It really does not get much better than hanging out with 30 youth, by a river swarmed by green butterflies, watching Agnes Varda and Maya Deren projected on the side of a house, or storyboarding every day moments in experimental ways. It just doesn’t get better. I could die happy right now.

Then we piled youth into the back of a truck and left the vols and youth in Mercedes to work. We dropped of Asiento Viejo and Cerro, and I rocked out to Juanes all the way back on the bumpy, bumpy road to Teustepe.

I was starving, so I had lunch with Maribel and the baby, a little grant writing, returning hundreds of phone calls…. and guess what?

Friday, I get to do it all again with Potrerillos, Las Limas, La Cuesta, El Crucero, Acedades! Rock on! And Sunday with Cacao, La Laguna, and Las Palomas! And Monday again with Rancho, Asiento, and Cerro! It’s like living a dream of inspiration and energy!

Simply, love.

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