Carrot Cake, Poster Paper, and Frozen Apple Juice

These are a few of our favorite things. Carrot cake, because I almost did not burn it, for Jake’s birthday tomorrow, and because all of Teustepe is feeling skeptical, and talking about said vegetable cake. Poster paper, because I am rapidly using all of Maribel’s stash, to make storyboards and brainstorms, to-do lists and calenders. And frozen apple juice, because it is just so yummy. And it’s cold. And it tastes like popsicle in a box, and our freezer is filled up with them.

Today I had the second regional youth group meeting- Acedades, Potrerillos, La Cuesta, Las Limas, El Crucero. Biggest group yet! We did the same thing as the other group (see prior post) with experimental video, only this time we watched Cindy Sherman, Barbara Hammer, Maya Deren, Trinh Min Ha, and… me! Again, it was inspiring and awesome to be with a group of youth, watching videos, making storyboards, laughing over lunch. I managed to spill my coffee like four times all over most of our posters. We’re getting to the point now, where the vols and the YCs are really gelling, really starting to love each other. I love this midway point, when they start to have inside jokes and to giggle at nothing.

We have one more regional group meeting- Sunday in Las Palomas. Then this week we have the Midterm youth encuentro— 160 youth, one hotel, four organizations, video, art, 30 people 1 question presentations, and topics ranging from the environment to sex rights to communication. I’m excited! We’re going to do a gallery walk, too, where each community sets up their art/media in a room and everybody walks through. Ex-ci-ting!

And now, time to frost the carrot cake. I had to wait till all the supervisors were sleeping because they keep trying to eat all the frosting….

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1 Response to Carrot Cake, Poster Paper, and Frozen Apple Juice

  1. Christa Read says:

    I love reading your updates, Chelsey. Thanks for making the effort to post the excitement!!

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