Youth Media Regional Groups & Overnight Encuentros

So much has happened! It seems like the only time I have to write blog entries is after my supervisors are asleep. Today I did lots of supervisor feedback, brainstorming CBI solutions and thinking about how to get vols to really make the most of their last few weeks and drinking a lot, and only the waitress at the only restaurant in town really knows how many, but a lot of diet cokes. Over diet cokes and tostones (fried plaintains, yummy with salt and ketchup, kinda like fries, but round and from bananas) I heard all about vol partnerships, Spanish challenges, youth counterparts, host moms, fundraising parties, material purchases, and the like. But more importantly, so much more! What I feel like writing about, though, happened last week: the youth media regional groups and the overnight encuentros!

So the media encuentros looked like this. See, the idea is this: we’ve had some issues with sustainability of the media project. We are seeking a structure that allows youth who know how to use the media tools a space to come together to work on media. The issue is that there are only a few youth per community who really know, and its pretty hard for Plan to attend to so many communities on a year round basis who all need media support. So- we’ve formed regional groups, three of them, that have between 3 and 5 local communities together. Each group meets weekly to look at media, show their media, do some media projects and learning, and plan projects. What’s above is one of the meetings of the 5-community group, during storyboarding

This is Acedades, lollypops in hand, about ready hop on the bus!

And here’s La Cuesta and Las Limas/El Crucero:

Last week I also came together with the first group (Asiento, Mercedes, and Cerro) to watch their experimental videos- COOL! I’ll post them soon. They did some emotion short videos, where they had to think about expressing an emotion in video or photo and we guessed what it was- also fun. We talked then about their projects for the youth encuentro.

Yasira and I on a truck ride. This five year old contributes to the project by keeping staff stress levels oh so low!

Mercedes del Rancho hops in a truck after showing their experimental work for sodas in a bag and a truck ride home!

The sups had come up with this 30 people, 1 question activity. The vols and youth were supposed to come up with a question to ask a bunch of people, and then to record those answers in some kind of creative way. See the video for some examples of what they came up with!

Off to dinner with the country director, and more later!

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