21 Youth Encuentros, To Date

21 Youth Youth Encuentros, so far

20Pairs of underwear hanging on the line right now

19 passion fruits used to make juice this evening

18 youth counterparts brainstorming final project ideas today

17 times I’ve called Maribel since this morning

16 years is how old a lot of volunteers and youth counterparts are

15 roles of poster paper

14 mosquito nets in staff house

13 Damn Your Good’s in my DYG envelope

12 vols showing experimental videos this afternoon

11 Staff members sharing one double latrine

10 French nails with butterflies on them I have painted today

9 English Speakers in Staff house trying to speak all Spanish

8 is the number of hours I would like to sleep

7 communities painting murals this week

6 am is when the supervisors get home tomorrow from the week

5 is the number of hours I will probably sleep

4 Plan representatives to call in the morning about a meeting

3 weeks until my mom flies to Nicaragua to hang with me

2 is how many frozen juice boxes I ate today

1 trip tomorrow to the bank in Managua to get out a LOT of $$$

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1 Response to 21 Youth Encuentros, To Date

  1. Tati says:

    20? thats alot undies going on.xP

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