Oops! We Lost The T-Shirt Design!

Oops! We lost the t-shirt design!

Imagine this: Tanika, my APD, trying to describe the t-shirt design to me, as I sit in a rocking chair. It’s like when you were a kid and had those team work assignments, where one person can see a picture and has to describe it to the other person who is drawing, and can’t see the picture, and whichever pair is closest wins. Except now, that picture is the project t-shirt, and the only winners will be the vols attempting to decipher what the project t-shirt actually says…

The shirt says Boaco on the front, but the letters are made of art and media materials, like paint brushes and radios. I’m sort of an ok drawer, but…. It all began innocently enough, until, of course, we left the design at the designers, and then decided to go with another t-shirt printer. And, after several attempts at Tanika’s memory of a “really swirly B that looks kind of professional,” it dawned on us that we could call the artists, as they live in one of the only communities with signal. Which is how I ended up on the phone with a sixteen year old, asking her for a favorcote. At 7:40 pm, she told me the vols- Jaime, Karolina, and Kelly- were already asleep. But, she could go to their house at 5:00 am (at which point, she assures me, they are always up) and tell them to re-do the drawing, in pen, and send it on the bus. Just hope it works, or we’re back to square one with the swirly B.

I can hardly believe the summer is near over. I spent the day with Donahi in communities. We went to a regional meeting, with Asiento Viejo, Mercedes del Rancho, and Cerro de Piedra. These three communities showed us their works in progress for their videos and shared their videos. They gave constructive feedback to each other and drank sodas out of bags. As always, it was fun. I have to admit, I love this particular grouping of communities. The vols and the youth are inspired and thoughtful, and they participate critically and talk a lot in meetings. It’s fun to be with them!

From there, we headed to Bajo de los Ramirez. We happened upon Odilio, Julia and Najelly giving a taller- it was fun! They were singing with all these great little kids, and they also took us to meet their host moms, and regaled us with stories of cooking tortillas and the like. Their host mom said she did not know if she would be going to the despedida because it would be too sad… I hope she goes anyways, though. Check back later for a video of the three of them talking about their experiences.

We headed then to Potrerillos, with DeJannette and Idalia, and saw people working on the CBI. Selene’s mom (Selene is a vol in Ecuador from Potrerillos) was the only woman working on the CBI, and she recorded a video for her daughter, who won’t be home until August 10.

After that, we went to Las Limas and El Crucero. In El Crucero, the boys were leading a youth meeting. They were talking about their final project, which was pretty cool- they decided to focus on immigration, since so many people from El Crucero immigrate to Costa Rica. I’ll be uploading photos of them in a sec!

And of course, there were great long talks with Donahi in the car…. And then home, where I took a much needed nap to hopefully recover from this cold I’ve got! Now, to read research transcriptions, upload photos, edit video, respond to emails, and work on supervisor evals….

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4 Responses to Oops! We Lost The T-Shirt Design!

  1. Christa Read says:

    Nada de Esquirìn?

  2. chelseyhauge says:

    They are doing so well, Christa! Julia is really really awesome- we’re so consistently impressed with her attitude that is so positive. They’ve had an interesting time with their CBI, because they are in a tiny, tiny, very very rural community, but it seems things were figured out this last week. Some people from Esquirin came to buy materials about a week ago, and were raving about how much they love the girls. She and her partner go running up and down this hill everyday, and their host family is THE SWEETEST….. There will be so many stories for you to hear, so soon, I bet…. though everyone in Esquirin will miss Julia and Lina, as they will miss Esquirin….

  3. Christa Read says:

    Gracias por sus palabras. Qué bueno para recibir un poco info. Buena suerte con el fin de los proyectos! Boaco Love 2011

  4. chelseyhauge says:

    Christa! They started a youth group- and tonight is their first game night! Looks to be a fun evening in Esquirin…. ❤

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