Little Corn Island, We’re coming!

I can’t write much, because I’m in a freezing cold hotel room and my fingers are getting chilled.

Things are finishing. The sups finished, my APD went home. We had final meetings, did last minute paperwork, and my mom came.

We took the Matagalpa vols home to their parents in Boaco, and today I met the Ecuador girls at the airport after their summer in Ecuador.

And tomorrow? Me, my mom, my cousin… and…. MARIBEL and KIDS are headed to the CORN ISLANDS! OMG! I’m ecstatic that MB actually ended up coming- its going to be a dream!

We had to do some serious finageling to get everyone tickets on the plane, which left my mother with her mouth hanging open at MB and I after we convinced them to change a name on a ticket (impossible they said! clearly possible, we said! and we were right.) and then to give Yasira a ticket even though there were no seats left (impossible they said! clearly possible, we said, and we were right!)

So, I’ll let you all know how this tropical paradise is…

And oh, ps, I’m on crutches. Ankle gave out when I was galavanting down the steps of our staff house, delighted to have found the vest I left. And now all of Teustepe knows, my ankle is, again, purple and swollen, and I’m on crutches that appear to have been made in the 1980s . Oh, the life….

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