Digital Media and Learning/Microsoft Summer Institute: What I learned

I spent the last week at the DML/Microsoft Summer Institute. Twelve of us showed up a week ago, not knowing each other, and over the course of a intensely packed week, we got to know each other and our mentors, presented, interviewed, discussed and mostly, dove deep. =) The more I think about it, the more I am seriously impressed and awe-inspired to have been able to be a part of the gathering of truly incredible people.

So, what did I learn… so much. From the other Associates, from the twelve mentors, from danah and Mimi and Claudia, I learned bucketloads of stuff. I learned stuff about theory, projects, ethnography, publishing, collaborating, IRB, getting a job, navigating the job, personal stories…. WOW.

What follows below are a collection of memories and insights that stuck with me from the week.

  • There are some very amazing grad students doing very awesome work that very much overlaps with mine. Very inspiring. We can be a cohort. I have a cohort.
  • We’re writers. Follow a story arc. Learn the craft. Write beautifully and vibrantly.
  • When you look at someone’s CV, you only see the things they got, not the things they didn’t get. Those things they didn’t get are underneath.
  • If you’re going to do academia, get a hobby. Go swimming… play with other peoples’ dogs.
  • acknowledge the work of those who came before.
  • You continue to make mistakes, you continue to not get things. But you also continue to get things.
  • Write everyday.
  • Follow your passions, that’s where your best work is.
  • Publishing alone is ok, good, productive. No need to publish with a big name to be overshadowed.
  • Helvetica is good on powerpoints.
  • Follow your interests, go to conferences, find your peeps. They exist.
  • Academic work matters, build networks and communities, make the most out of what’s in front of you, don’t over-plan.

Thanks to all who made it brilliant. It really was brilliant.




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3 Responses to Digital Media and Learning/Microsoft Summer Institute: What I learned

  1. Mary L. Gray says:

    +1 (a privilege and *joy* to work with this crowd of emerging scholars)

  2. Antero says:

    Cutting edge technology for electronic doors: paper plates.

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