Participants & FAQs

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*I am no longer recruiting participants, as my data collection period has ended. Thank you to all the youth who shared insights, success, and frustrations with me, and for the work you did in producing the videos. You guys are awesome.

Congrats on your participation in an incredible program of youth media, youth leadership, and civic engagement. Your work in your own communities and in the communities of Boaco, Nicaragua inspires me, and this research project grows out of that inspiration.

I am conducting a multi-year project on the AMIGOS/Plan Boaco, Nicaragua project, where I am looking at the experiences youth involved in the project have. When I say youth, I mean: AMIGOS volunteers from both North and Latin America, Latin American youth counterparts, community level youth participants, and other teenagers who might be involved in the video production piece.

If you are on the multimedia project, you will be contacted before your participation in the summer program. You and your parents or guardians will receive a letter explaining the research, and consent and assent forms. Consent forms are for your parents  or guardians to sign so you can participate. Assent forms are for you to sign if you decide to participate. Just because you are on the multimedia project does not mean you have to participate! Some people do, some people don’t. Participating in the multimedia project does not mean you have to do the research project, too!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does an interview take?/Cuanto tiempo dura una entrevista?

A: Interviews will be about an hour. They will take place during your participation in the Youth Media Project. /Se tarda una entrevista entre 45 y 90 minutos. Te entrevistamos durante tu participacion en el proyecto de Multimedia Juvenil.


Q: What will the interview session be like? / Como sera la sesion de entrevista?

A: The interview will be in the community you are working in during AMIGOS, and not during your media workshop time. The interview will be semi-structured, so you can talk freely about your experiences with multimedia and the program–there are no right or wrong answers! I’m interested in hearing your stories throughout your participation in the program. We can go somewhere private, like where you have feedback with your supervisor, and try to minimize the number of people around. / Escojemos un lugar comodo, que pueda ser en tu comunidad, a en Teusteoe. La entrevista tendra estructura, pero te dejo hablar libremente acerca de tus experiencias con multimedia. No hay respuestas correctas, y no estoy investigando lo que sepas o examinando tu conocimiento. Estoy interesada en escuchar tus historias acerca de tu participacion en el programa.

Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable answering some of the questions? Do I have to stay in the study even if I didn’t want to anymore?/Que pasara si no me siento comodo/a contestando una pregunta? Tengo que quedarme en la investigacion si ya decidio qu no?

A: If you don’t want to answer a question, you don’t have to.  You can also decide to stop your participation at any point during the interview sessions or after the interviews. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary. If you decide you no longer want to participate but do not want to tell me, you can let any AMIGOS or Plan International Representative know. /Me puedes decir directamente, y ya no seguimos. Tambien puedes dejar de participar en cualqueir momento antes, durante, o despues. Tu participacion es voluntariado. Si no queires participar, pero no sientes comodo/a diciendome, puedes hablar con un representativo de Plan international o AMIGOS.

Q: What happens to the interview data? Will my name appear on the thesis or become public?/Que pasara con el data? Quein lo escucha? Mi nombre aparecera como parte del tesis, o sera publico?

A: All the interviews will be digitally recorded and stored in a password protected hard disk. The only person listening to the interviews will be me. No one from Plan or AMIGOS will have access to the data. I will also look at the videos and other media you make as part of the program. If you would like me to include your name on your media projects, so you get credit for it, I can. Or, you can decide you do not want me to include your name, and I will omit it. / Todas las entrevistas seran grabados digitalmente y archivados en un disco duro con contraesena. No comparto el data con nadie, menos mi supervisora de investigacion. Te dare un nombre falso- lo puedes escoger,m si queires!- para la informacion associada con tu nombre -para protegerte durante la entrevista, y despues, cuando escribo el tesis. Nadie de Plan o AMIGOS tendra aceso al data.

Q: What will happen with the videos, photos, and other media pieces I make, if I consent for them to be allowed in the study? What about the video Chelsey shoots? / Que pasara con los videos, fotos, y proyectos de multimedia que hago, en caso de que dejo que sean usados en la investigacion?

If you consent to allow me to use your media projects in my research, you will choose if you would like your name to appear in the clip, or if you would like me to use your pseudonym. I may show these as part of my research- at places like conferences, and also in journals and on academic websites. I will also take video and photos of you to include in my research, if you consent to that.  Si me dejas incluir tus proyectos de multimedia en mis estudios, escojeras si queires que ponga su nombre en el proyecto, o simplemente usar tu nombre falso. Las ensenare como aprte de mi investigacion- en conferencias, en revistas academicas, y en sitios de web academicas.

Q: So what’s in it for me? Why should I consider participating in this research?

A: Your experiences in AMIGOS and with PLAN will allow me to provide suggestions to both organizations on how they can improve their work in the future. You will be part of a project arguing for the power of youth working together, specifically in artistic and media settings.  Your stories will be part of the body of work that evidences the incredible work and learning and growing you have done in this program, and the innovation, careful thought, and imagination that youth can bring to a global project about youth leadership and civic society.

Participants’ stories, interviews, and words will be kept strictly confidential. Participants may choose if they want their names used on the videos, photos, and other projects they make. Participants will be asked to consent to allow me to use video and photos of them.

All data will be stored in my locked cabinet, in my office in Boaco and then in my office in Vancouver. No one else will be able to listen to, watch, or use the data. I may share the data with my research supervisor.

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